28 chidlom bangkok

28 Chidlom Bangkok

28 Chidlom Bangkok Project Information

28 Chidlom Bangkok Project Details

28 Chidlom  Bangkok Unit Mix

28 Chidlom Bangkok Unit Mix

28 Chidlom Bangkok Location

28 Chidlom Bangkok Location

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28 Chidlom Bangkok developer

28 Chidlom Bangkok developer

28 Chidlom Booking Process & Payment Schedule

28 Chidlom Bangkok Booking Process & Payment Schedule


Taxes on Selling Bangkok Property

Taxes on Selling Bangkok Property

28 Chidlom Bangkok View

28 Chidlom Bangkok View from Level 16

28 Chidlom Bangkok Site Plan


28 Chidlom Bangkok Floor Plan

28 Chidlom Bangkok Floor Plan 28 Chidlom Bangkok Floor Plan 2BR 28 Chidlom Bangkok Floor Plan 3BR

28 Chidlom Bangkok Concept

It’s a choice, not an option.

Take the most sought-after location in metropolitan Bangkok, then make it even more extraordinary by inviting in natural green ambience. What you end up with is 28 Chidlom. a rare gem of elevated living in Bangkok’s most iconic neighbourhood.

28 Chidlom is located on Chidlom Road, only 180 metres or 3-minute walk from Central Chidlom. The project comprises 2 high-rise residential buildings named The Tower and The Villa. The residences at 28 Chidlom, varying in type from studio units to penthouses, boast a ceiling height of 3-3.1 metres.

28 Chidlom Bangkok Landscape

An Urban Oasis

Remarkably, a full two-thirds of the grounds have been reserved for lush green spaces at 28 Chidlom, extending as a series of beautiful garden courtyards between The Tower and The Villa structures.

The boundaries between landscaping and living spaces are thus blurred, as foliage native to the environment has been carefully conserved to thrive within the surrounding garden areas.

28 Chidlom Bangkok Architecture design

The Jewel-Box Façade

The world-class architectural design of 28 Chidlom’s jewel-box lofts creates unique exteriors that will become an unmistakable landmark of the neighbourhood.

From within, residents can marvel at the view afforded by the 3.1 metre-high state-of-the-art L-shape double-paned windows, cocooning you from the hustle and bustle beyond.


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